Pregnant mother of twins excited as scan reveals she’s carrying another set

  • A pregnant mother of twins shared her joy online after a scan revealed she was carrying another set of twins.
  • @mytwinsbby, a TikTok user, recently shared a video showcasing her impressive baby bump.
  • The woman revealed that she has already given birth to twins, a boy and a girl, whom she showcased in a video.

A heavily pregnant mother of twins expressed excitement online when a scan revealed she was having another set of twins.

TikTok user @mytwinsbby posted a video displaying her huge baby bump.

According to the woman, she had previously given birth to twins, a boy and a girl, which she showed in the video.

She danced in the video with the lovely twin babies, revealing her baby bump.

She captioned the video, “When a scan tells you another twins are on their way. God has blessed me. am grateful.”

The video sparked emotions from netizens in the comments section, who sent in their congratulator messages.

Watch video below

Reacting to the post…

@Ify said: “Those tapping into her blessings.. #14k pampers naa for 3 days oo.”

@AdaBiafra- MO≥mamaEjima said: “I tap from your grace ANd I carry my twin girls pregnancy.”

@jenny’s hair said: “God please i will test positive next month i Jesus name amen.”

@TEEKAY VARIETIES reacted: “Congratulations, make you rest like that.”

@Aj said: “I need eight at once please pray for me.”

@QUEEN BOLATITO said: “I tap from your blessings why me God please wipe my tear this month.”


@Luchyvic reacted: “Congratulations I tap from your blessing in jesus name Amen.”

@bamigbosebiodun reacted: “Women dey try walahi, may GOD bless all the women watching this video , wish you safe delivery ma’am.”

@[email protected] said:
“Congratulations I tap from ur blessings.”

@akorfs2 said: “I key into this grace:as God has done for you may HE remember me also and do for me as HE has blessed you in Jesus name Ameen.”

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