Portable Flaunts Expensive Shoes, Suits, And A 7 Million Naira Belt, Increases Price Of Shows

Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, a Nigerian musician, disclosed in a new statement that the prices for his concerts had risen significantly, with him claiming to have spent 7 million naira on his belt and several million on shoes and outfits.  

This was shared on social media with the caption: “Price is high, o,” Portable says as he shows off majestically with outfits worth millions of dollars.

In the video, the Nigerian artist and record label owner can be heard complaining about excessive pricing while claiming that what he had on his body at the time is highly costly.

“Do you want to sell your dad’s house to buy this shoe?” he said, pointing to his sneaker.

He went on, “Do you want to sell your papa’s house to get this shoe? What I’m wearing is worth more than a million. “Look at the wristwatch on my hand.”

“Go and price it. Do you know this watch? Do you know my worth? If you want to book me for shows, raise the price, o. Price is high; this belt is worth 7 million naira.

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