Polygamy Robs Children Of Their Father’s Love – Nigerian man claims

“Bridesmaid is getting married to my friend’s ex-husband, adds her to bridal train” – Timi Dakolo in shock

A Nigerian guy simply known as Jeremy has expressed his feelings regarding polygamy.

He believes that polygamy is bad for families because it puts the children in competition with one another.

Jeremy, who revealed this on Friday, March 15, said that polygamy deprives children of their father’s affection.

“Polygamy robs children of dedicated father’s love and full time commitment. Polygamy is not ideal for a family. Go and check, children from polygamous home are always in a competition with themselves. Is that what you want for your future kids?”

In other news…

Grandson warns about polygamy as the body of his grandma who married three husbands during her life goes missing from the mortuary.

A Twitter user identified as @Ay_bkini took to the platform to share his experience about his grandma who practised polygamy.

In a tweet, @Ay_bkini revealed that after his grandma passed, her body was kidnapped from the mortuary and has been nowhere to be found.

In his words;

“Omo, avoid Polygamy if you can o. My grandma married 3 husbands. Remembering that her corpse was stolen from the mortuary because of a disagreement between children cracks me up everytime. And if you must, put your house in order before you die. Ensure your children respect eachother. Don’t ever pit children against each other.

My Grandma should forgive me from heaven incase I casted her. I’m still her first grandson from my Father’s father. She can’t hate her Grandson from paradise😉😉,” he wrote.

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