Peter Okoye and Lagos Police PRO, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, trade words

Popular Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye of the PSquare music group, and Lagos Police PRO, SP Benjamin Hundeyin have traded words over Seun Kuti.

Singer Seun Kuti had assaulted an officer on Saturday, May 13.

The Inspector General of Police, Baba Alkali, ordered Seun’s arrest after a video of him assaulting the Police Officer surfaced online and the singer revealed that the altercation occurred because the policeman tried to hurt him and his family.

Reacting to the incident, Peter took to his Twitter page on behalf of Seun Kuti, to appeal to the Police Force to accept his unreserved apology for the terrible outburst and to temper justice with mercy.

According to him, it was a regrettable situation and Seun’s family might have been in danger causing the singer to react instinctively. He wrote;

“Quite an unfortunate incident and from reports, it seems Seun’s family was in danger hence the altercation.

When you understand what happens when a man is put in a situation to protect his family from any form of danger, our emotions get the better of us.

I ask and plead that the #NigerianPoliceForce accept our unreserved apologies for the unfortunate outburst and tamper justice with mercy.

#Family #LoveLeads”

In a swift response to his apology, Benjamin Hundeyin stated that the court gives justice and not the police, urging Peter Okoye to redirect his appeal to the Judiciary. He tweeted:

“Just in case you didn’t know or have forgotten, we don’t give justice. The court does!

You might want to redirect this to the judiciary.

You’re welcome.”

Peter Okoye who seemed shocked at the SP’s swift response took the opportunity to revisit the recently concluded Lagos state elections and how some Igbos were threatened. Peter stated that he remembers Hundeyin was silent at the time. He tweeted:

“Wow! And you were so quick to respond.

Just Incase you didn’t know we haven’t forgotten how mute you were during the elections concerning the whole threat on the Igbos in lagos!

We are watching and the world is also watching! We go all dey alright las las!.”

Benjamin Hundeyin also asked him to stick with the issue at hand and not cover up with another, questioning if Peter would like to condone the assault on a Police Officer or not. Hundeyin responded:

“When una lose one argument, na to shift to another argument.

Stick with issues. Are you condoning assault on police officers or not?.”

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