Pete Rock Denies Producing Canibus EP Despite Being Credited As Such: “Super Trash”

Pete Rock denied ever producing Canibus’ “C” EP.
Pete Rock doesn’t mince words. The legendary producer/rapper has a track record of making headlines when expressing his candid thoughts. He once used a Tory Lanez video to claim that there is “no leadership” in rap today, and recently claimed he was prepared to sue Nas for unpaid Illmatic royalties.

Now Rock is using his platform yet again to speak his mind. Canibus credited rock as a producer on his new C EP, and Rock apparently wasn’t happy. He posted a picture of the EP on Twitter yesterday and wrote in all caps, “I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER PRODUCE SOMETHING THAT SOUNDS THIS BAD OMG. THIS IS A THIRSTY MOVE BY CANIBUS PEOPLE BUT HE DONT SOUND GOOD ON IT WTF OMG yall gotta stop being so thirsty & disrespectful man. Thats how you keep running in the mud. this is super trash lol.”

Following his bombastic comments, a fan requested Pete clarify, writing, “That’s not u? Damn, I was wondering.”

Pete Rock responded without any ambiguity: “HELL NO man sheeeeeeeeit I’m not gonna ever misrepresent myself in this game ever. They will do it before me.”

Canibus’ manager, M-80, clapped back with receipts.

“Thank G.O.D. I will never be as corny as @PeteRock,” he wrote. “1st suing @Nas then saying he didn’t authorize the EP w/ @DaRealCanibus that I paid him for and have the bank receipts, production sign off and guest sign off memo for. Tried to get me to pay him an extra $3k or he’d act out.”

He even included a screenshot of what seems to be a message from Rock, backing up his allegations.

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