People sell my contact to strangers to beg me for money

Popular record label producer Don Jazzy has cried out over how he receives calls from strangers who buy his contact just to beg for money.

don jazzy

The Mavin Records Boss has complained about how he receives calls from anonymous persons who call to beg for money. According to him, he decided to put his phone on β€˜do not disturb’ mode in order to see some of these strange calls from people.

He further lamented about his attitude of giving, adding that he is scared to go broke if he continues giving money out to strangers.

β€œMy phone is forever on β€˜Do Not Disturb’ (DND). I know that some people will think that I am cocky or forming but that’s not the point.

β€œThey sell the number so people will just message me for no reason.

β€œWhen I’m in a good mood and I pick the calls and the conversation is getting longer they will tell you that they bought the number but they can’t tell you who sold it to them,” said Don Jazzy.

β€œYou can lie any stupid lie and I will give you the money but if I continue that way I can go broke.”

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