PDP Unqualified To Seek Votes Of Nigerians – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has stated that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is not qualified to seek the votes of Nigerians during the 2023 polls.
The ruling party stated this in response to comments credited to Iyorchia Ayu, PDP national chairman.

Ayu was quoted as saying the APC is deepening the rift in the opposition party by “planting stories” in the media.

Reacting in a statement on Tuesday, Felix Morka, APC spokesman, stated that the PDP chairman is looking for who to blame for his “misfortune”.

“Understandably, Chairman Ayu is deep in quicksand and swinging wildly in search of third parties to blame for the internal combustion in the party that he leads,” the statement read.

“With such an escapist mindset, it is not difficult to see why the meltdown in the PDP has proved intractable on his watch. Lacking forthrightness and character to accept responsibility for the crisis in his party, how can he possibly resolve it?

“Unlike the party of Ayu, APC does not “plant stories” and does not meddle in the internal affairs of other parties. That is an area of extreme and unrivalled competence of the PDP. In any event, the PDP is unravelling unstoppably and needs no help from the outside.

“Rather than distract himself in search of an illusory scapegoat, Ayu and stakeholders of his withering PDP should concentrate on finding an anchor to slow the party’s rudderless drift.

“How can a party that has proved incapable of governing itself seek to govern a country as important as Nigeria?

“After 16 years of ruthless misgovernance and crass failure to reform and reposition itself, quite frankly, the PDP stands morally disqualified from asking Nigerians for their votes in the next general election,” he asserted.

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