“Our parents saved us by being strict” – Erigga

  • Popular Nigerian rapper Erigga reflects on strict upbringing, acknowledges parents’ wisdom.
  • According to Erigga, he used to perceive parents as overly strict, but now realizes they may have saved lives.
  • The rapper emphasizes the effectiveness of ‘old school’ parenting in contrast to contemporary youth behaviour.

Popular Nigerian rapper, Erigga has taken to social media to share his reflections on parenting styles and the impact they have on children.

The “Motivation” crooner, whose real name is Erhiga Agarivbie, expressed a newfound appreciation for the strict upbringing he received from his parents.

In a series of tweets, Erigga confessed that during his upbringing, he often perceived his parents’ strictness as excessive.

Erigga reflects on parenting styles
Rapper, Erigga.

However, with the perspective gained over time, he now believes that their approach may have been instrumental in saving the lives of many individuals in the present generation.

“I used to think our parents were sooo strict, but watching these kids today, I think our parents saved our lives,” Erigga wrote.

He pointed out the significance of traditional, ‘old school’ parenting methods, suggesting that they instill discipline and shape individuals into responsible adults.

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In other news,  Nigerian rapper Erhiga Agarivbie, well known as Erigga, discloses the complex emotions of having a father who was absent during his upbringing but has suddenly resurfaced with a sense of entitlement.

He claimed that while his father had not been active in his upbringing, he began contacting him and making demands as soon as he achieved success.

Erigga revealed this in the most recent episode of the Spill With Phyna podcast.

Erigga openly expressed his feelings on this matter, he delved into the confusing mixture of resentment, curiosity, and reluctant acceptance that he now grapples with when it comes to his father’s sudden involvement in his life.

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