“Old woman” – 13-year-old actress, Mercy Kenneth lambastes netizen who tackled her for showing too much

Nollywood actress, Mercy Kenneth recently got dragged by a social media user over a new video she shared on the popular platform, TikTok.

Mercy Kenneth who claims to be 13-year-old always leaves many wondering how true this may be owing to her content online.

The light-skinned actress in her usual manner posted a video of herself holding an iPhone as she captured her reflection on a mirror.

Mercy Kenneth donned a very short gown that gave a good view of her thighs. The video however triggered outrage from a netizen who wasn’t pleased with what the minor was wearing.

The lady identified by her handle as @Miss Perfect wrote: β€œMake you for kukuma open am well mk we see the pant, mtchewww you’re becoming something else.. β€œ

Mercy Kenneth irritated by the comment also fired back at the TikTok user by calling her an old woman.

She wrote: β€œOld woman, what is wrong with u”

See the screenshot below:

Watch the video below;

Be it as it may, this is not the first time Mercy Kenneth is getting reprimanded over her choice of outfit. The budding actress is known for wearing provocative outfits and despite being dragged by netizens, she maintains adamancy.

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