Not Everyone That Sprayed Money On Obi Cubana At Oba Is Rich – 50% Are Not (See The Trick)





You know what’s happened in Oba yesterday, is a classic Igbo Networking.


Now let’s discuss something.

Obi Cubana doesn’t know half of the big men that attended this burial.

And of the half that he knows, it’s probably just a handful that have personal dealings with him

Of he handful that have personal dealings with him, it’s just one or two that he actually helped.

All this doings…it’s just how Igbos network.

It’s not about developing the state…they don’t care about that. Some of the guys there possibly borrowed to come mark attendance.

On you show your face, and make your presence known by doing your own ameno…you have access to almost all other big guys that came too.

I mean, if I wanted to partner with some of these guys, all I need to do is to change 2 mill into bundles of N200 and then storm there with my people.

Make much noise as I can and make sure I’m noticed.

People will ask questions.

Eventually after the noise dies down…I can visit those that I want to…and I’ll have their attention instantly. It’s just the igbo way of networking. None of these guys there want to help the government develop the state. It’s just Business…Personal interests.

Is Frodd a billionaire? But he went there with bank of money.

You get the point now?

Okay let me burst your bubble.

People are trending this picture, that Browny Igboegwu a nollywood actor was seen washing plates at Obi Cubana’s mom’s burial.

Are you aware that he is connecting himself to a supernatural blessing?

Are you aware that there must be a SERVICE before an unction, blessing and success of a person you glamorize flows down to you?

After the burial ceremony, Obi Cubana is certainly going to bless Browny for his services and humility.

You get the point now?

Not Everyone That Sprayed Money On Obi Cubana At Oba Is Rich!

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