“Not every broke guy is good” – Solomon Buchi dishes advises to single ladies

“People who say I can never take this in life end up taking it”- Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi, a well-known media figure and social critic, offered insightful counsel to young ladies who are choosing life partners.

Solomon Buchi discussed his opinions on the widespread notion that a person’s character and suitability as a spouse are only determined by their financial situation on his now-X Twitter profile.

He stressed that having a bright future or being a decent person are not always correlated with being broke.

The life coach argued that poverty should not be associated with virtue, in contrast to the popular belief that having money ensures a happy marriage.

Solomon Buchi

The social commentator questioned the notion that a person’s character is correlated with their financial situation.

According to Buchi, women should exercise caution when selecting a life partner, whether considering a broke guy or a rich one.

In his words;

“Not every broke guy is good.
“Not every broke guy has a great future.
“Not every broke guy has a vision.
“Not every broke guy will make a wonderful husband.
“Be careful when choosing a broke guy like you would when trying to choose a rich guy. Poverty is not another name for virtue.”

See below;

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