“Not every broke guy has a vision” – Solomon Buchi advices young women to be careful while choosing partner

  • Solomon Buchi, a prominent media personality and social commentator, provided valuable advice to young women regarding their decision-making process regarding their life partners.
  • Solomon Buchi, on Twitter, questioned the common belief that financial stability alone defines a person’s character and potential as a spouse.

Solomon Buchi, a well-known media personality and social commentator, offered insightful counsel to young ladies who are choosing life partners.

Solomon Buchi shared his opinions on the common belief that a person’s character and potential as a spouse are only determined by their financial sitability on his now-X Twitter profile.

Solomon Buchi highlighted that  being a broke guy does not necessarily correlate with being a good person or having a promising future.

He argued that poverty should not be associated with virtue, in contrast to the popular belief that having money ensures a happy marriage.

The social commentator questioned the notion that a person’s character is correlated with their financial status.

Whether she’s thinking of a rich guy or a broke person, Buchi says women should be cautious when choosing a life mate.

In his words;“Not every broke guy is good.

“Not every broke guy has a great future.

“Not every broke guy has a vision.

“Not every broke guy will make a wonderful husband.

“Be careful when choosing a broke guy like you would when trying to choose a rich guy. Poverty is not another name for virtue.”

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