NOSC Confirms Oscars’ Approval Of Pidgin English As Foreign Language

Nigeria has finally seen a headway in the international community as Pidgin has been accepted by the Oscars as a language that can also win an award.

According to Chineze Anyaene-Abonyi, the chairperson of Nigeria Official Selection Committee, they had a deliberation with the Oscars awards academy for several months before it was finally accepted.

The Nigeria Official Selection Committee released a press statement that reads as: “The request for approval started in December 2019, after which she [Anyaene] visited the Academy’s office in Los Angeles in February 2020 following a meeting scheduled between herself and representatives of the International Feature Film (IFF) Executives. She added that the outcome of that meeting was wider consultation with the IFF executives; ensuring approval is benchmarked and consistent with their screening matrix”,

This approval as secured by the NOSC is a new feat for the industry and It is untrue if any other individual or entity claims such achievement as this is beyond mere writing to the Academy without knowing the approval intricacies”.

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