Noreaga Calls Out “Insecure” Celebs: “Industry Fake Sh*t No Longer Works For Me”

There aren’t many rappers who can carve out a successful, lengthy career in Hip Hop, but N.O.R.E. has been putting in the work. He has hit tracks under his belt, toured the world, worked with some of the best artists in the industry, is the host of one of the hottest podcasts available, and even dabbled in reality television. However, people have noticed that you don’t often see Noreaga at certain events, so he took a moment to address those repeated inquiries.

Over on the Drink Champs Instagram page, the Rap mogul explained why he avoids hanging out with fake people andtouched on having a few haters in the industry.

“When you don’t see me around certain people, it’s because these certain people aren’t god, they’re dealing with insecurities, these are insecure people,” said Nore. “I have the same phone number. You can be in a room full of five people, five people say they don’t f*ck with Nore, then those five people are probably the fakest five people in the world, ’cause Nore’s one of the top five most loved artists in the world.”

“So, when you see these little events, these little private dinners, these little private, little meetings, when you don’t see the Yalla there, it’s ’cause the Yalla wasn’t invited,” he added, saying he’s going to mind his business and not “complain about nothin’.” Noreaga had more to say in the caption.

“A message from the Yalla @therealnoreaga: The other day I got asked why I wasn’t at certain events and it’s cause I go we’re im celebrated and not tolerated I can only be in rooms that love me from now on!!! The industry fake sh*t no longer works for me I’mma king don’t be mad now that I’m acting like one!!! Y’all not the only ones getting money anymore but keep that same energy.”

Meanwhile, he was recently spotted with his good friend Kanye West and Ye’s new girlfriend, Julia Fox. Watch Noreaga explain himself below.

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