Nollywood Actor Places Curses On Those Who ‘Destroyed’ Nigeria

Nollywood Actor, Wale Akorede popularly known as Okunnu, has placed curses on people responsible for placing Nigeria “in a horrific state”.
The Nollywood actor took to his verified Instagram account where he posted a video sharing his utmost concern about how the country has deteriorated.

The actor, who expressed his feelings using his native language said,

“I am not here to laugh this morning, if we continue to watch without saying anything, then we want things to go beyond this stage. Nigeria is damaged, if it’s a man, a woman, child, or an old person who has contributed to the damage of this country, their lives and their children’s lives will also be damaged. Nigeria has been damaged a lot, I don’t even know which aspect is doing fine in this country. What is the actual problem with the citizens of Nigeria? I don’t think we are citizens, we are all foreigners.”

The actor also made a caption under the video, adding, “I have never been in this mood in my life, where are we going in this country, when are we going to enjoy ourselves as citizens of Nigeria? Nawa oooooh #weneedprogress KO B’ERINDE”

The 54-year-old actor is a recognised actor in the Nollywood movie industry. He has spent more than a decade acting.

Okunnu has featured in several movies; some of the popular ones are Mokalik, Fate of Alakada and Last days.

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