No One Owes You Anything – Jnr Pope Tells Lady Who Hurls Insults and Curses On Him For Not Sending Her Money

Actor Jnr Pope Odonwodo discusses the nasty letter he received from a user who was furious with him for not giving her money.

The woman abused and profaned the actor profusely for turning down her request.

Nollywood actor Jnr. Pope uses social media to post a screenshot of the exchanges he had with a netizen after rejecting her money request.

The father of three bemoaned the unwanted and impolite behavior on his Instagram page, labeling it as inappropriate.

The enraged netizen expressed her anger through the conversations, accusing the actor of being unjust to her and God of ignoring him in the same way that he had ignored her.

Sharing the screenshot, he wrote:

“Just imagine this swagnation, someone I don’t know from Adam …… what do we call this please? WHO DOES THAT ??

This is totally unbelievable, Unacceptable…… This nonsense should stop, no one owes you anything…..

Even if we give our kidneys , it will still not be appreciated….

Pls let’s be guided. God bless us all.”

See post below:

The post triggered comments from netizens who took to the comment section to condemn the act and others who faulted the actor too.

One Actress, Anita Joseph wrote: “Na their way ,like say she give you money keep for am smh shallom ,no one owes you shiiiiiii t hooohaa 🚶🏻‍♂️shallom”

callmeuncle_ge wrote: “Why didn’t you help the person with 5k or 4k?”

iam_chimason wrote: “Bros you did a very big mistake and also act like a kid, if you don’t want to help her then block her or don’t reply even posting the chat with her name is not necessary. At this point not all celebrities have $ense”

courtesyclara wrote: “The curse is not necessary thou…No one own at least u should have help,,5k na small money for someone like u to give.”

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