NLE Choppa & DJ Vlad Go At It: “Wannabe NBA YoungBoy”

The pair were back to trading insults on Twitter following their previous tense exchange.
The back and forth between NLE Choppa and DJ Vlad has intensified over on Twitter. It was just about a month ago when Vlad and Choppa traded words after the famed interviewer wrote a story about Choppa’s claims that he could help Justin Bieber’s face paralysis. The rapper told Vlad to “stop posting me,” to which Vlad returned to call Choppa a “snake oil salesman.” After briefly engaging, and subsequently going viral, things between the two fell to a hush.

However, that was all kicked up a notch this week after Vlad issued another “snake oil salesman” tweet and Choppa chimed in with a response.

“A snake oil salesman who claimed he reversed cancer using his $125 bottle of miracle cure just tried to buy a VladTV interview. This is how these guys operate,” Vlad penned. Choppa replied, “On my momma you lien. Vladimir Putin looking b*tch.”

Vlad then told the rapper he never named him in his original post. “You’re not the only snake oil salesman out there lying about curing cancer with fake overpriced herbs. Wannabe NBA YoungBoy looking b*tch.” Choppa kept it cool and said, “I can’t wait to see you. Warm hugs for you [purple heart emoji][laughing emoji].”

The banter continued and included Vlad telling Choppa that he looked like NBA YoungBoy. Additionally, Vlad told Choppa that whenever he’s “man enough” to sit down for a face-to-face interview, his platform is open.

Swipe below to read through the exchange.

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