Nkechi Blessing reacts as Adanma Luke knocks AMVCA for favouring ‘Yoruba cartels’ over South-East actors

Actress Adanma Luke got many reactions on social media after she accused the organizers of Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) of ignoring actors from South-East.

Adanma aired her controversial opinion regarding the 9th edition of AMVCA held in Lagos on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

The actress said she was voicing out the frustrations of some great South-east actors who feel only Yoruba actors get invited and honored. She wrote:

“Africa Magic Epic has been sustaining views and possibly making the highest earnings on @multichoice group for years. I think it is time for you guys to give them their flowers and recognise them when it comes to giving awards. I believe am speaking the minds of some great actors who feel it’s all about some group of cartels that keeps getting invites and winning (Yorubas) I think it is time you recognise actors shooting good movies in the East also. They also keep the entertainment industry going if not the highest,”

“If Africa magic Igbo, Africa magic Hausa, Africa magic Yoruba can have their category then why not Africa magic Epic. This AM Epic channel gave birth to lot of super stars we know today. Well, what do I know let me face my business.

“Before you drop your comment on my page be informed that AM EPIC is not just Asaba movies and not just Igbos. Every tribe fit into Epic. You should understand that this post is all about creating a category to recognize their work on Africa magic Epic channel just like every other channel has its own. Even though you think their movies are bad, deep down you know they have some nice movies with great actors.”

Adanma’s comments did not go down well with some of her colleagues and followers while others backed her point of view.

Actress Nkechi Blessing was one of the commentators who down-played Adanma’s accusations. Nkechi Blessing stated:

“If you did not submit your movie how will they see it please? You should know better now….they called for movie submissions…una no suppose do this thing again this year.”

Ehi_george22 wrote: “To be sincere AM epic has the worst movie and storylines. Their audios are always poor you only hear them when they’re screaming on top of their voices even Rok sef try pass una. Ever since Asaba producers came into the picture everything changed from bad to worse if it’s not about money r!tual, its about a king look for an heir to the throne ughhh. We would want to give u ur flowers but ya’ll have to step up in ur games first.”

Jennybeauty wrote: “Very true Africa magic epic should be in a category too because they contributed to the growth also nevertheless congratulations to all our amazing winners and most especially to our great icon @patienceozokwo you really deserve this merit award.”

Adeglory wrote: “Which good movies?? Africa Magic Epic should be scrapped if we are being honest. Everyday Palace, princess, prince will fall in love with a poor girl whose mum is suffering from one ailment and is coughing blood. See you all should do better please.”

Amarachiigidimbah wrote: We don talk this talk, we don lament tire for years now, but they don’t give a f**k, the irony of it is that, it’s called Africa magic viewers choice award

chilove2021 wrote: You are right though but until you guys stop prolonging film.. Africa magic epic, one movie ,4 hours oginidi.. I go use am see 3 movies for showcase and urban.. but in all you guys are trying ..

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