“Nisaidieni!” Magix Enga Begs For Financial Support To Raise His Month Old Baby Boy

Magix Enga, a once-popular music producer, has reached out to Kenyans for help to afford basic needs.

The producer, who was once a celebrated figure in the Kenyan music industry, is now struggling with financial challenges, just like many Kenyans affected by the ongoing economic downturn.

Through his Instagram page, Magix Enga opened up about his struggles, expressing the need for support to provide for his one-month-old baby boy.

Magix Enga, one of sthe “most talented beat king in Africa and the rest of the world,” revealed that despite his significant contributions to the music scene, he has faced challenges with artists he collaborated with, many of whom he believes took advantage of his talent.

He cited numerous popular songs he produced, such as “Dundaing,” “Watoto na Pombe” by Otile Brown featuring Enga, and “Maja” by Mapenzi Hisia, among others, from which he hasn’t reaped any benefits.

The talented producer’s problems deepened when he became a father to a one-month-old baby boy who now depends on him for support.

"Nlihave kuokoka" Broke Producer Magix Enga Narrates How He Unshackled Himself From Illuminati After 6 Years Of Devil WorshipHis efforts to regain financial stability suffered a setback when the studio where he worked was closed due to rent-related issues.

He pointed out specific instances where his work achieved remarkable success but did not translate into financial gain.

Songs like “Mamiondoko,” which was part of the Gengetone movement and gained massive popularity, and “Digidigi” by Arrow Boy, which garnered over 10 million views, did not yield any income for the producer.

Currently, Magix Enga is without a steady source of income, making it even more challenging to support his growing family. In his appeal for support, he singled out Kenya’s Deputy President, Dr. William Samoei Ruto, and called on him to assist as well as netizens.

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