“Nilimtenda” MC Gogo Narrates How He Embarrassed A Mumama Inside A Club

Franklin Mark Gogo, popularly known as MC Gogo, has revealed that the biggest challenge in his line of duty is women.

The 23 year old said that the women are stubborn while some of them even want him to accompany them to their homes after events for other purposes.

One of such women tricked him saying that she wanted him for an emceeing job, little did he know that she had other intentions

“Challenge ni wanawake. They want to steal you they want to go with you. Sometimes they might just decide to disturb you and people just not understanding you like mtu hajui uko kazi anaamua kuja kukupatia advise na hao walevi stubborn,” he told Mungai Eve.

The women who are after him are however not only those of his age but also  rich older women, popularly known as sugarmummies an now as Wamama.

“Ni mtu tu ako na park yake and all that but I have my own money sasa si mniache tu pia nienjoy pesa yangu. Mnataka nienjoy pesa yenye sijafanyia kazi? Wanakuambia tu ‘baby boy, baby boy’ lakini hizo zote mi naonanga ni jokes,” he shared

The advances are made both on social media as well as in person. He recalled of an incident where he left one of the mumama embarrassed. Gogo was performing in a club and the woman in question kept shouting at him to marry her or presumably have s3x with her.

“Kuna mwenye ashawahiniambia ‘nioe ama uni****. Huyo lakini nilimtenda. Nikamtime nikatoa sauti. So the whole club is looking at you, endela kuongea what are you saying? Nikarudisha sauti na hivyo ndio alienda,”he narrated.

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