“Nigerians are suffering and angry with your government” — K1 De Ultimate tells Tinubu

Nigerian Fuji musician popularly known as K1 De Ultimate has berated President Bola Tinubu over the constant hard times in the country.

k1 De Ultimate in a viral video on Thursday told Tinubu that Nigerians are suffering and angry with his government due to the current poor state of the economy.

“Nigerians are suffering and angry with your government” — K1 De Ultimate tells Tinubu
K1 De Ultimate

The Fuji legend, who is known to be a staunch supporter of the President, delivered his message in  Yoruba Language while begging the President to find solutions to the multitude of challenges confronting the masses.

The hardship in the country intensified After Tinubu declared that his administration would no longer subsidise fuel, hence calling for the end of the financing because it was beneficial to neighbouring countries.

His decision made the price of the Premium Motor Spirit rise from N185 to over N600.

Speaking truth to power, K1 said Nigerians are crying, and he pleaded with the President to find a quick fix to the problems before the opposition ride on that to criticise his administration.

“I plead with you to find a solution to the plight of the masses. The citizens are crying and wailing. We’re suffering amid a lack of adequate power supply. How did things get to this point? I implore you to fix these problems,” K1 sang in the video.

“Listen to the complaints of the masses and treat such complaints with all seriousness.

“We know you to be a philanthropist, but we Nigerians are angry. The people of Nigeria are angry.

“The traders in this country are not happy. Look at what the dollar has become (a reference to the exchange rate),” K1 added.

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