Nigerian lady who has been bleaching her skin for over 7 years cries out, vows to quit

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to bravely share her journey of transformation after deciding to stop bleaching her skin.

The lady identified as @healing_chronicles on TikTok, disclosed her struggle with bleaching and eventual return to her natural complexion.

The lady, who produces facial whitening products, revealed that she began bleaching her skin after facing low patronage due to her dark complexion.

Over a span of seven years, she immersed herself in the pursuit of a lighter skin tone, using bleaching soap as her primary method.

Despite initially swearing to return to her original complexion, she found herself entrapped by the allure of her bleached skin.

However, after seven years, she summoned the courage to break free from the cycle of bleaching.

“The reason I did not go through excessive havoc was because I did not bleach with cream. I was using soap and that was why I was able to correct my skin. 

“I always advise people to use a moisturizer while using a bleaching soap. Don’t use a bleaching cream with an active soap. If I had used active cream and soap my case would have been hell,” the lady said.

Netizens Reactions…

Kabbaempire reacted; “My dear I was using bleaching soap with my coco butter palmer’s to moisturize when I leave d soap people wil tel me yr color remain d same n nicer.”

Alpha Afia reacted; “Not me low key wanting her products.”

@user5580849654773 said; “Me too I stopped bleaching oo. It took me 3 months to start healing slowly.”

@Thrift_by_Ella said: “Please tell us the products you used.”

@nimomumbiE reacted; “Tell us the name of the soap.”

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