Nigerian lady uses candles to warm okra soup without gas

A Nigerian lady caught the attention of many on social media when she placed candles below a pot to warm her okra soup after the gas cylinder she was using ran out.

The video is captioned: “My friend’s gas has finished, and she saved herself from hunger with my construction.”

Resourceful Nigerian lady resorts to using candles to warm okra soup after her gas cylinder runs out
Resourceful lady uses candles to warm okra soup.

The video shows the lady placing the pot on an iron stand while a few candles are lit below the pot to warm the okra soup.

In other scenes, the video reveals the content of the pot and the okra soup, which is already responding to the heat.

Her post garnered attention from individuals who have flooded the comment section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below: 


Pascal:Use am cook beans.”

Assad🇳🇬 ⭐: “lol 😂 talk true babe it’s you.”



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