Nigerian lady shares love story as she weds boyfriend of 10 years

A Nigerian lady has shared her love story on social media after tying the knot with her boyfriend of 10 years.

According to her, she thought he was too proud after meeting him for the first time, but after getting to know him better, she realized that she was wrong.

They got closer and he started inviting her anytime he was going to the Mosque as they were the only Muslims in their class.

That was the beginning of their platonic relationship which eventually transformed into something deeper.

She tweeted:

“HOW WE MET. I met my husband in school in 2012, we were classmates. I was a Direct Entry student so I joined them in 200 lvl second semester as I deferred the first semester because of an accident I had at that time.

“We didn’t click at first, in fact my first impression of him was that he was very proud, as someone asked him to explain something to me and he said he couldn’t because he was angry, omo I cried that day ehn🤣🤣.

“With time, I got familiar with everyone in the class; it was a small class of about 28 people, with everyone living close to each other and were very close majorly because of how much time spent together doing studio work.

“I later found out he was a very cool and kind person. It was Ramadan that made us closer because we were the only Muslims in the class.

“So occasionally I would give him the remaining food that I cooked for Iftar and he used to come call me on his way to the mosque.

“At some point we just became really close buddies and because of our closeness people started shipping us together.

“It was really annoying because at that time it was totally a platonic friendship and it somehow made me withdraw from him.

“I guess it was the withdrawal that made both of us realize how much we really liked each other because we started to miss each other’s company. You know the saying that absence makes the heart go fonder.

“This prompted us to have a full blown discussion about our friendship, people’s perceptions and how he realized that he actually missed our friendship and wanted me in his life full time as his woman.

“Omo at that point I had already realized how much I liked him too but I did shakara that I’ll think about it and get back to him.

“It was on my birthday when he pulled an epic surprise that mesmerized me that I accepted his proposal to be his woman.

“I am big on acts of service and that birthday was already looking very sad because it was on a weekend and all my friends had to go for a field work in a course which I wasn’t taking because of my deferment.

“So I was basically home alone that Saturday drowning in the sadness of spending my birthday alone for most of the day, when I heard a knock on the door about 10am.

“The shock and joy on my face when I saw him with some goodies for me was out of this world. Not about the goodies but about the fact that he was present.

“I immediately asked why he hadn’t gone for his fieldwork because I know it’s something that could take more about 4 to 5 hours and he said he had left home as early as 5am to start his own share of the work in order to be with me because he didn’t want me to be all alone.

“The gesture really burst my brain as I felt really special and that was the moment I realized that that was my man and it was time to stop doing shakara.

“We started dating that very day. To be honest, those times I never really had ‘husband’ at the back of my mind.

“I was just really happy being with someone I love and enjoying the moments together.

“I guess I didn’t want to put my hopes too high because of past experiences but I used to pray to God to keep us if he was for me or separate us on time if he wasn’t.

“A lot of my other friends who didn’t really know him couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that I was dating someone that was my mate; my course mate for that matter and they just advised me not to really bank on the relationship lasting.

“I guess their talks got to me because I somehow expected that maybe the relationship would be over after school, but as God would have it, it kept waxing stronger and he just kept giving me more reasons to be falling and refalling in love with him again and again.

“Even after he went for service he’ll still take time to come check up on me during my extra semester.

“But I must confess that being in a long distance relationship was a whole lot for both of us at first as it was different from what we started with.

“I just thank God that we were able to overcome that with effective communication because as time went on we realized that it would be the new order of our relationship.

“During my NYSC I was lucky to be able to redeploy to the state where he was but sadly it was a big city and my LGA was super far from his,so long distance relationship was still the order of the day although it wasn’t as bad as before because we could plan to see during the weekends and all.

“He finished service 3 months after I started and we got back to our regular long distance. I guess it was at that point I realized that it seems this man isn’t going anywhere o.

“His head is very correct and I’m so lucky to have an awesome guy like this.

“Thankfully, both started working and did our masters in different states and every every was still looking good.

“He moved to the state I was in 2020, we got married in March, 2022 and we have a beautiful baby boy now. Our relationship was 10 years in November 2022. Thank you for reading.”

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