Nigerian lady embarks on solo trip from Kenya to Lagos on motorcycle

  • Ebaide Joy, a Nigerian motorcyclist, embarked on solo journey from Mombasa, Kenya to Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Ebaide, a rising singer, began her solo journey on March 11 and plans to cover 6,350 kilometers.
  • She joined the Pelumi Nubi and Kunle Adeyanju league, enabling her to travel long distances on the road, inspiring many Nigerians.
Nigerian lady embarks on solo trip from Kenya to Lagos on motorcycle

Ebaide Joy, a Nigerian biker, has gone on a solo journey from Mombasa, Kenya, to Lagos, Nigeria.

Ebaide, an upcoming singer, began her solo journey on Monday, March 11, and plans to complete 6,350 kilometers.

She joined the league of Pelumi Nubi and Kunle Adeyanju in travelling long distance by road, inspiring many Nigerians.

Kunle Adeyanju made history in 2022 as the first Nigerian to drive from London to Lagos. His goal was to gather funds for polio eradication in Nigeria. He travelled 13,000 kilometres (8,100 miles) across 11 countries and 31 cities over the course of about 41 days.

Pelumi Nubi followed in his footsteps in January, travelling solo from London to Lagos by automobile.

However, Ebaide Joy, who has spent two and a half years in Kenya, began her solo driving journey to get some exploration and experience.

According to her, she was ecstatic about the adventure and motivated by a personal experience after God granted her a second chance at life following a life-changing encounter in her 20s.

She wrote, “This crazy idea found its way into my head sometime last year, just before I bought my motorcycle. I had spent 10 weeks traveling with a tricycle and living on the road. During that trip, I realized how much I love living FULLY on the road. You see, I had backpacked through some countries before deciding to build a van or travel with a tricycle, but backpacking never felt as good as living on the road full-time. There is simply no other form of freedom that is as attractive as living on the road is to me.”

“People I’ve told think I’m crazy. Some say I’m brave. Crazy is correct, but brave, not so much.
I am scared shitless!”

“I mean, it’s about the countries I will be traveling through. It’s about the ‘dangerous’ vehicle I am choosing to use. It’s about doing it all by myself. It’s about not understanding the language some of these countries speak. It’s so nerve-wracking my racing heart constantly pleads for mercy!”

So why am I doing this even with the fear? Because the truth is, I am not supposed to be here. I got a second chance at life when I was 23.”“Through the first 8 months after the accident, I slowly lost function of both legs. I remember vowing to myself that if, by some miracle, I got my legs back, I would live my life HAPPY and FREE. When I slowly regained the function of my limbs after the surgery, I dedicated my life to living freely; hence the seeming bravery.”

“What makes this so exciting is that most motorcyclists haven’t plied this road, so I don’t have many videos to help with my expectations. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT. How frigging thrilling is that?!”

“I have done a lot of exciting things in my life, and that’s why I know that ‘excitement’ is too mild a word for how I truly feel. I am over the moon with happiness and fear. I cannot keep calm!”

“I grew up knowing Nigeria as my home, and since the first time I got to Kenya in 2021, it has also been home to me. In exactly one month from today, I will be riding from one home to the other on the most beautiful vehicle in the world!”

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