Nigerian Comedian, AY Makun Reveals The Set Of Humans He Can’t Tolerate

Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun popularly known as AY has revealed the set of humans he has a high level of intolerance for.

In a recent Instagram post, the 51-year-old comedian listed out a couple of personalities he cannot tolerate, listing entitled and ungrateful people as one of those he can never unlook.

According to AY Makun, these set of humans are those who will downplay the little efforts you make for them on things they can’t handle by themselves.

“There are different characteristics of humans, but the set I will never tolerate are d extremely entitled ungrateful ones who downplay your little efforts on things they cannot do for themselves.

“They always forget the million times u helped, & fight u for the one time you don’t.”

In the post, the Nigerian comedian didn’t state whether the post was for anyone he knows, rather, he opened a conversation with his caption, asking his fans and followers if they know someone who is like that.

Reactions to AY Makun’s statement

“Givers need to learn when to stop cos takers have no limits. But a real giver never learns cos it’s in our DNA to keep giving.” – @dukeofspadess

“Human beingssssss. Never forget. Even when you grow, remember that “little” that was done for you was a miracle at the time. Never forget!!” – @ajebodcomedian

“Human beings are insatiable by nature…Life na to gbale si agboju egbon.” – @cdqolowo

“You are right senior man…But most time what we need is just understanding.” – @sunnyjajacomedy

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