Nicki Minaj Shuts Down Rumors Of Asian Doll Collab

Rumors have been circulating online over the past couple of months that Nicki Minaj and rapper Asian Doll have a song together in the stash waiting to come out. The rumor first came about back in April when Asian Doll said she asked Nicki to jump on her record and the Queen Barb said she would when the timing was right.

Well fast forward to Saturday night’s IG live, in which Nicki premiered unreleased music, fans were in the comments asking Nicki to “play you and Asian.” After a post from TheNeighborhoodTalk, showing the comment about the possible collab, Nicki quickly shut that idea down, and confirmed there is no song between her and Asian Doll.

In other news, Nicki recently teamed up with Polo G for a new record called “For The Love Of New York,” as well as her 2009 mixtape Beam Up Scotty mixtape which she re-released few weeks ago with 3 new songs, including “Seeing Green” with Drake and Wayne. Stream that right here if you haven’t done so already and keep you eyes peeled for more Nicki on the way.

Would you want to hear a song between Nicki and Asian Doll in the future?

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