Nick Cannon Says Kevin Hart’s Vending Machine Prank Caused Trouble

Hart pranked Cannon with a vending machine full of condoms and Cannon admitted one of his baby mamas questioned him about it.
Those prank wars have kept fans entertained, but this latest “gift” Nick Cannon received from Kevin Hart may have caused a stir. These longtime friends have been playfully going at it for some time as they attempt to outdo one another with hilarious pranks that not only amuse them but their fans, as well. We recently reported on Cannon sharing his surprise when he received a vending machine filled with condoms, and later, Hart emerged to take responsibility. This, of course, is all a nod to Cannon currently expecting his 8th child with a fifth woman.

While it was all in good fun, Cannon admitted to Entertainment Tonight that at least one of the mothers of his children questioned him over the prank.

“I still think me wrapping my face on his private plane is better than his sending me a vending machine full of condoms,” said Cannon. β€œAnd one thing that was brilliant about it, it was the mystery of it, because I had some baby mama [say], β€˜Who sent you that? Who sent you that?’… So, I did have to do some real-life stuff, and then when [Hart] came out and said it was him, everybody relaxed.”

Meanwhile, Hart joked that the vending machine β€œis a much bigger hassle to get out of a dressing room and takes up all the space.” He added, β€œIt’s about complicating a person’s dayβ€”how do I make your day difficult? That’s a beautiful prank.” Fans have been debating which baby mama gave Cannon a hard time. Check out the vending machine below.

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