New Marriage Crashes During Honeymoon As Man Discovers His Wife Was Sleeping With Her Prophet

A groom who felt betrayed, known as Weezy Nyangu ended his one-day marriage with his new wife, Martha Pondani (a nurse by profession), following a shocking discovery.
On October 2, 2021, the new couple got married to the delight of family and friends. However, complications began during their honeymoon. Mr Weezy claimed that when his wife was bathing, he decided to look through her phone, and what he found nearly brought him to tears.

His wife was surprised to find her husband melancholy and calm after she completed having a bath.

She had hoped for a kiss and some new style from her husband, but alas, the man’s colors changed in a matter of minutes, and he got very upset.

Mr. Weezy called his friends and relatives to inform them of the mess he had discovered. And within 24 hours, a fresh marriage had come to an end.

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