NBA YoungBoy’s Baby Mama Arcola Explains Why She Still Works A Job

The mother of NBA YoungBoy’s son Kaell, Arcola explains why she still works a regular job.
The mother of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s son Kaell, Arcola shared a video recently explaining to her curious followers why she still works a regular job, despite getting child support payments from YB.

Uploading a video from her desk job, Arcola responded to somebody on TikTok who asked her why she’s still working, saying, “So since my son’s father got money, I can’t work? I could call him for whatever I want right now. Working is a choice for me. We both are parents… why would I just let him do everything for my son? That’s like cheating on a test in my eyes. I’m going to take care of my son by any means. If that man was to leave right now, I’d be able to take care of my son by myself off working. The f*ck? I’m a parent too, I got money too. He might have more than me but he’s not the only one with money.”

After the video was posted on The Shade Room, rapper Rick Ross commented and said that Arcola’s devotion to her son is “Honorable.”

What do you think about Arcola’s explanation as to why she still holds a job? Despite having regular access to YoungBoy, she wants to make sure that she always has enough by herself to keep Kaell on the right track, and that’s commendable.

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