“My mother had to beg my ex family for more than two years” – Lil Frosh reveals

  • Lil Frosh shares his emotional experience with his ex, Cute Gemini, where his mother pleaded with her on her knees over their court case.
  • Lil Frosh, charged with assaulting his ex Gemini, shared the traumatizing period and the constant court appearances, spending up to 500K.
"My mother had to beg my ex family for more than two years" - Lil Frosh reveals

Little Frosh talks about his exhausting encounter with Cute Gemini, his former partner, and how his white-haired mother begged her to settle their legal dispute on her knees.

The period had been quite traumatic for Lil Frosh, who was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Gemini, as he discussed in a recent interview on Cool FM. He disclosed that he spent up to $500K in court over that time.

The former DMW signee recalled how his mother would go down on her knees begging his ex girlfriend and she would be comfortable that a woman with white hair would be in such a position.

According to Lil Frosh, he and his mother had to beg their family for more than two years.

He also mentioned how it exhausted him to always receive nasty comments on his posts.

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