“My girlfriend no longer calls me babe”

A young man has expressed worry over the recent attitude of his girlfriend as he says she no longer calls him babe or my love.

According to the young man identified as Freedom Bilankulu Wo Rhunga, the attitude his girlfriend is portraying recently is having a toll on him.

worried man

He disclosed that anytime he chats with her and professes his love to her, she refuses to assure him of her love for him.

In his words…

“I’m in a romantic relationship with a fine girl. My problem now is that whenever we’re charting when I say ” I love you” she ignores it Nd when I ask she says she didn’t see it, she calls me by my name unlike at the beginning of our relationship when we used to call me each other babe, my love, nowadays when I say good morning babe she just say “good morning……)  I no longer feel loved  Should I get worried or its high time I move on with my life without her?” he said in a Facebook post.

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