Mwalimu Rachel Explains Why She Joined Kiss FM After Refusing To Join The Station Twice

Renowned radio personality Mwalimu Rachel has made a significant career move by joining Kiss 100, a decision that did not come easily after turning down offers from the station twice before.

In a recent interview, Rachel shared the story behind her decision, highlighting the importance of patience and industry understanding in building a successful career.

Rachel’s journey with Kiss 100 dates back to her days at HomeBoyz Radio, where she was instrumental in shaping the station’s popular show.

The first time Kiss 100 approached her with an offer, she was still at HomeBoyz, which was a rival station at the time.

Despite the attractive salary increases, Rachel felt a strong commitment to her current project and decided to turn down the offer.

“I had not expressed as much as I wanted to,” she said. “I had not given my all to the show, which was just starting to make a name for itself. So I said no to the money.”

Rachel’s decisions were guided by her dedication to her career and her vision for her show. She emphasized the importance of patience and understanding of the industry, rather than just focusing on financial gain.

“Sometimes, when you have a dream and you want to see it to the very end, you have to turn down great packages, and money. It takes patience, understanding the industry, and not focusing so much on the money but on building your brand,” she said.

The timing of Rachel’s acceptance to join Kiss 100 was perfect, aligning with her career aspirations and personal growth.

She is now co-hosting the Kiss Drive show alongside Xclusive, bringing her unique perspective and experience to a wider audience.

Rachel’s decision to join Kiss 100 marks a new chapter in her career, one that allows her to influence a younger audience from a place of expanded personal experience.

As a seasoned presenter, businesswoman, mother, and career woman, Rachel is poised to offer sound advice and insights to young people.

“I’m older so I can offer more sound advice to young people. I can speak in the space of a presenter, a businesswoman, a mother, and a career woman, and somebody who still aspires for more in life,” she said.

Rachel’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of patience, industry understanding, and dedication in building a successful career.

Her decision to join Kiss 100 is a testament to her ability to adapt and grow as a professional while staying true to her values and goals.

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