Motorist amazed after seeing man sleeping in drivers seat as Tesla drives itself (video)

The man tilted his head backward and laid it on the upper part of the seat he was sitting on, and when another driver drew closer to him, they showed him sleeping with care or concern that any unforeseen

A Tesla owner has been captured on tape sleeping deeply while being driven by his automated vehicle.

Motorists expressed amazement after realising that the driver was fast asleep inside his Tesla which driving at high speed on an expressway.

The person who recorded him shared the clip with the caption; ”So they do drive themselves.”

Tesla is an electric car which is made by Tesla Inc owned by Billionaire, Elon Musk.

Watch video below:

Gistlover reported that a Nigerian lady took to social media to show off her boyfriend and made a hefty claim that he beat her.

The TikTok influencer shared video of them together as they were going out to have fun and a follower asked who he is.

She explained that he was the guy who she complained had assaulted her in a previous post, but they have now reconciled.

The pretty fair-skinned girl said that her man pleaded for forgiveness by buying a car for her and she accepted.

In the footage, they were both inside a car driving out to chill but it is not clear if it was the car she says he gifted her.

The man and woman took some more selfies when they arrived at place they wanted to have some fun.

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