Moment Peju Ogunmola lashed out at colleagues over gunshot fired at her during movie shoot β€” VIDEO

Veteran Actress, Peju Ogunmola has caused a stir online after a video of her lashing out on set, made the rounds.

In the viral clip, Peju was seen on yoruba movie set, alongside Taofeek Adewale better known as Digboluja amongst others, in a village setting.

During the movie shoot, Digboluja, while acting his role, pointed a gun towards Peju and fired shot at her.

Angered about the gunfire, the actress launched a physical attack on Digboluja while expressing her displeasure.

Peju OgunmolaΒ also slammed the movie director, saying she’s allergic to gun shots.

According to her, she was expecting Digboluja to use a charm on her instead.


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