“Mohbad Died Before He Died”- ID Cabasa Says Singer’s Parents Contributed to His Untimely Demise

Veteran producer Olamide Ogunnade, also known as ID Cabasa, has suggested that the late singer Ileriolwa Aloba nicknamed Mohbad’s life might not have ended the way it did if his parents were still together.

Cabasa, who has been campaigning for Mohbad’s justice, was a guest on Nedu Wazobia’s FM podcast.

Children learn from their parents, according to him, but Mohbad’s parents had not been together for a long time, so he had little or nothing to learn from them.

During the discussion, ID Cabasa mentioned that fraud began at home. The majority of parents take six pieces of meat and instruct their children to share only one.

Since children learn from what they see, they try to imitate what their parents do in other aspects of their lives.

Netizens have reacted to the recording of what ID Cabasa said. Here are some of the comments below.

@amazingboy: “ID Cabasa should never try substance infact we should be smoking ID Cabasa @First_lastborn: “Wow. This is what Podcast was meant for .”

@Elon_Jus: “Omo if i do wetin my papa dey do na early grave o.”

@AbayomiWole: “Yeah! As a man… That’s the phrase that clicks. A wororo man can be doing ten shukeshuke somtins and calling it rounds but the real deal is when you go just two or three and she’s already shaking 360°

@NonymousS4: “This id cabasa too get sense badoo learnt from the best.”

@KinqKudos: “This podcast is one of the three podcasts in Nigeria that I invest my time and energy on.”

@Falajamusic: “He is complete icon in the music industry. We need to keep celebrating him.”

@Fajumomusic: “ID cabasa really said it all.”

@Beausteven_blog: “Na why the people when really know IF Cabasa dey respect am OG wen know himself

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