Minister of police affairs explains why President Buhari did not consult police council before appointing new IGP

Minister of Police Affairs, Muhammad Dingyadi has explained why President Buhari did not consult the police council before appointing the new Inspector-General of Police.

Dingyadi who spoke in an interview on Channels Television on Friday April 9, said the new IGP Usman Alkali Baba is serving in acting capacity as the president is making arrangements to consult the police council when he returns from the United Kingdom.

The Minister said;

“Mr president, by law, has been asked, while appointing the inspector-general of police to consult the police council. Mr president has not yet consulted the police council and that is why you have seen that the person he is appointing now is on acting capacity.

“So, he’s making arrangements now to consult the police council, and as you are aware, Mr president is not in the country at this material time.

“As soon as he comes back, he will set the machinery in motion to do the necessary processes provided by the law to consult the police council in this direction.”

On what the President’s reaction would be if Baba’s appointment is rejected by the police council, Dingyadi said;

“I’m not sure, but this kind of thing has never happened, because before the president takes decision on an acting appointment, he must have made his own homework.

“What the police council will be after is ensuring that the right person is brought on board — somebody who is capable; somebody who is a professional; somebody who is qualified and experienced.

“And I want to believe that the governors who are members of this council have all the confidence in Mr president and they know the kind of person he is. I think Mr president should be able to convince members of the police council in this decision that he has taken at this material time.”

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