Meet the Highest Paid Blue Film Actress In Nigeria

Nigerian blue film star, Ajibola Elizabeth better known as Maami Igbagbo is alleged to be the highest paid in the adult movie industry.

It is reported that before Maami Igbagbo, joined the adult movie making business, life was very tough for her as she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Born in Ekiti, Maami Igbagbo lost her mum in 2016, however, her father did not cater for her and her siblings.

She took up a job as an auxiliary nurse at a hospital but the remuneration did not suffice the demands of her siblings and while trying to find something that would ease the pressure on her, she got introduced to Kingtblac, a blue film actor and director who opened her eyes to the blue film business.

After few years of working experience, Maami Igbagbo went solo after parting ways with Kingtblac and started her own blue film productions where he made millions and grouped young actresses in the business.

It is reported that Maami Igbagbo now lives a luxurious life and offers her videos for premium download with estimated net worth of $3000 (N1,000,000).

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