Media Personality, Charly Boy And Wife Reveals The Secret To Their Successful Marriage

Popular Nigerian media personality, Charly Boy and his wife, Lady D has revealed the secret to their successful marriage.

In an Instagram post made by the 72-year-old Nigeria singer and actor, the couple stated that they also go through issues in their marriage and sometimes feel like just giving it up, but instead of doing that, they decide to ‘manage’ and continue to get stronger together.

The couple spoke about a couple of challenges that they face in their marriage while also saying they’ve quarreled over thousands of times too then ended up saying the secret is to ‘manage.’

“If he go rise we go manage am, if e no rise, we go manage am. Marriage na management.”

It is important to note that Charly Boy and Lady D have been together for 45 years, and in 2018, they renewed their official marital vows, with the popular Bishop Matthew Kukah presiding over the wedding.

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