Mavins Records producer, Andre Vibez acquires new house and G-Wagon worth millions of Naira

Andre Vibez, the Mavins Records producer, has made news for his latest purchases, which include a brand-new house and a sleek G-Wagon.

The acclaimed producer, who produced Rema’s blockbuster song ‘Calm Down’, announced the good news on his Instagram page.

Andre Vibez wrote a meaningful piece reflecting on his journey to this point.

He underlined that good things are typically built on a solid foundation and that patience is essential, claiming that his new home and luxury car are the result of years of hard work, devotion, and unshakable trust in himself.

Andre Vibez attributed his success to trusting the process, noting that with God-given talent and unwavering dedication, he navigated the music industry, overcoming obstacles and disappointments.

According to him, the reward is sweeter due of his dedication and positive attitude throughout his career.

He wrote:

“They say good things take time because they are built on solid foundations. It’s been a long time coming and the good things are here and I have nobody to thank the most except Almighty God.
The sheer belief in myself to use my God-given talent and trusting the process got me here today and the reward is even sweeter and I’m super proud of myself for putting in the work, staying consistent and positive over the years.
Also, shoutout to the ones who paved the way, because you did it, I believed I could and to all the people who have one way or the other contributed to my success and growth.

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