Matako Haikuninunulia Nyumba! Curvy Former Cop Linda Okello Cries Over Curse Of Big Booty

Big booty is the most admired asset in women by the vast majority of black men worldwide but US-based former Kenyan cop Linda Okello laments that having a big nyash comes with its own problems.

The slay queen, whose photo of her curvy body in the official police uniform made her a celebrity overnight, is not happy with some comments, especially, from men who associate her beauty with financial success.

Okello decided to respond to people who were making unpleasant comments about how she became a homeowner in the US.

The slay queen noted that for some time, she has been seeing people, especially men on social media linking her success to her big booty.

She lamented that many people feel that women with a curvy shape and big nyash are using the opportunity to sell themselves to get wealth.

Okello said that such concepts are misleading the society, especially in the growing generation of girls who will think that ‘nyash’ is everything in a woman’s successful life.

“Today I want to respond to few people over here ! I want to be general because I have seen even total men with kids especially girls talking about Nyash why are we fueling or inciting or corrupting young girls mind that Nyash pays?

“Who or what determines a person’s wealth or development? Why do society tend to label women with a little bit protruded behind ? How do those with average or slightly sunken Nyash feels?they’re genuinely struggling?

“Remember we so after school where do ladies with big Nyash go to? Lodging What are we trying to teach the coming generation? That if you have that little curve you don’t need to further your education or work hard?

“How many slim people will dance online and go in judged ,is that piece of meat making a difference? Aaaah if you want to hate on a female start with your mother and your kids if you have one,” Linda Okello ranted.


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