Masturbation is a sin- Dremo warns

Nigerian rapper Dremo has pointed out the repercussions of wanking and how it is a demonic activity.

According to the artist, jerking off is intercourse with demonic spirits and advised men against it.

In a tweet, he wrote that the act defiles and destroys the body meant to be the temple of God.

The act of stimulating oneself for pleasure is an act widely practiced mostly by young people and there are various opinions surrounding it.

Dremo’s opinion about it, however, is quite blunt and he condemned it outrightly without mincing words.

He poked fun at everyone who engages in the addictive act stating that they would read his tweet with guilt written all over their face.

”Masturbation is sex with demons. It defiles and destroys your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. Someone is ready this tweet with guilt written all over his or her face”, he tweeted.


Meanwhile, Dremo is signed unto Davido’s DMW record label

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