Man With Big Breast Like A Woman Cries ‘Bitterly’, Say He’s Ready To Sell It To Any Lady (Video)

A Nigerian man has become a social media sensation after he recorded a video of himself asking any lady to come and buy his enlarged breast.
A man whose identity is not known at the moment has expressed his disgust at having an enlarged breast after exercising vigorously.

According to him, he is not a lady to be carrying breast and went further to put his personal contact in public.

He then went ahead to disclose that any lady having a flat chest and plans on enlarging should contact him and he is ever ready to follow her to any specialties for the fats to be transferred.

A male with an enlarged breast is called a Gynecomastia. Men with Gynecomastia have swollen male breast tissue caused by a hormone imbalance.

Male breast tissue swells due to reduced male hormones (testosterone) or increased female hormones (oestrogen).

Causes include puberty, ageing, medication and health conditions that affect hormones. Symptoms are breast tissue swelling and tenderness. Treatment focuses on managing the underlying condition.

Watch video below:

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