Man who found abandoned 2-year-old baby by roadside shares transformation 5 months later

A young man who found an abandoned baby dumped by the roadside in Enugu has shared heartwarming transformation five months later.

The young man identified as Benkingsley Nwashara on Twitter revealed in June that he found an abandoned 2-year-old baby by the roadside in Enugu which was birthed by a mad woman.

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He revealed that they had taken the baby to the police station but was told to take the baby home to clean her up before bringing her to the station.

Benkingsley later gave an update on the baby, disclosing that the baby had been eating like one who hasn’t eaten in ages.

He had solicited advice from netizens on the proper diet to feed the little girl.

Five months later, he gave an update on the little girl by sharing a photo of the once emaciated baby looking healthy and plump.

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