Man surprised as he finds “tallest woman in Africa” and husband

Nigerian man left surprised upon finding who he calls “the tallest woman in Africa” and her husband, who is of average height.

He shared the video to her Tiktok page via his account, @joegreatkomedy.

He observed that the husband was barely reaching his wife’s waist because of the extreme height difference.

The couple stood side by side, unaware they were getting recorded.

Man shocked as he finds tallest woman and her husband

Some social media users have identified the lady as a current minister in Abia state, Hon Lilian Obenwa.

Here are some reactions to the video

@Stoneofhelp said: “The man gather mind o😂😂😂”

@bonka311 stated: “I no fit marry this kind woman”

@DE LIGHT 💡opined: “If she arrest you now people will start begging she’s not God that made her like this she’s a very beautiful woman and me I love women with height”

@North-eastern Bella. reacted: “🤣🤣🤣 i no lie, sometimes we feel uncomfortable when we are around some ppl.”

@exboyfriend385 commented: “the woman get mind wear hill”

@olorii_doublei added: “this one na giant oo”

Watch video here


I just found the tallest woman in africa guys make una com see hight The hight is highting bro😀 #tallest

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