Man shares his family’s reaction to meeting his caucasian wife

Mixed feelings as Nigerian man shows off his family’s enthusiastic reaction to meeting his Caucasian wife for the first time.

The video was posted on the microblogging platform, X, by an influencer, @dammiedammie35.

The family was obviously awed by her presence and wasted no time in welcoming her like a family member.

“They didn’t tell her to go and wash plates” — Reactions as man introduces his family to his wife

She was offered a seat at the dinning table as well as food, fruits and water to drink.

The man’s parents were captured joyfully dancing for their son’s new wife.

Here are some comments on the post

@Gifteesfine asked: “If she was a black Nigerian will the mother still be happy ?😂😭”

@sucremummy said: “See as the woman dey pet her age mate, shame on them.”

@VictorMaxueL4 wrote: “Remember that woman wey deh advice girls to act well and pretend a little to their in-laws? In this case nah the in-laws go deh pretend to be good people to this white woman .😂😅🤣”

@abazwhyllzz replied: “Make your wife and your mama be age mates. Ahh,God Abeg oo 😭”

@greeknigerian stated: “They didn’t tell this one to go and wash plate ?”

Watch the video here

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