Man set to acquire accounting degree after becoming doctor and lawyer

A man is set to acquire an accounting degree after spending 12 years in school to acquire degrees in medicine and law.

The scholar identified as Odasani took to the micro blogging platform, Twitter, to disclose his achievements with netizens.

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Odasani reveal that his secret to success had been sheer determination, favour and sacrifice.

Sharing the post, he wrote;

β€œIt is well with my soul. The Lord has shown me FAVOUR. (Doctor + Lawyer = more than 12 years of intense learning)”

See netizens reactions below;

@CdorelsRed wrote:

β€œHow did you do this man? Whaaat”

Odasani replied;

β€œFAVOUR and determination, plus a lot of sacrifice”

Jesuismignon wrote: β€œDude after all this you’re aspiring to be an accountant??? Lmao what are you looking for??? Tell me the trufffff πŸ˜…πŸ˜… congratulations btw”

In response, Odasani wrote;

β€œThanks, boss. Whenever I aspire, it means I’ve already started. I was doing it with the law so I need to complete that too soonest.
May God help us all…”

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