Man reportedly fights wife for eating a fish’s head and leaving the tail for him

A young man has shared a story of how a couple, a man and his wife who are his neighbors were fighting over a fish head.

According to the young man who shared the story on Twitter, his mother had to go separate the married couple who were fighting at 2 am.

Couple fight over fish head. Photo credit: google. Source: Google

He disclosed that the man was angry at his wife for eating the fish’s head and leaving him the tail of the fish.

He tweeted, “If I told you my parents settled a coupes fight around 2 am, the origin being that she ate the head of fish before he returned from work and served him the Tail, would you believe?”

“This is why I keep hammering on socialization. Cos there is no way hormones or perceived naturality was responsible for the importance a 40+ man places on the head of fish.”

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