Man narrates how a wedding almost crashed because of perfume

A Nigerian Twitter user narrates the trivial reason a bride’s family would have crashed a wedding in Maiduguri state.


As narrated by the man on Twitter, a wedding almost crashed all because of perfume, also known as (Turaren wuta). This was because the bride’s family demanded the sum of N200 thousand for the perfume.

This happened after the groom had already paid for the bride’s dowry and boxes. The groom insisted they call off the wedding, or he pays the sum of N50,000.

Eventually, the bride’s father agreed to his terms.

“A wedding almost crashed bcos of perfume (Turaren wuta). Bride family demanded 200k for d perfume, after paying dowry &d boxes (lefe). D groom said it’s either they accept 50k or call off d wedding, d bride’s father collected d 50k & said money for perfume won’t stop d wedding”

Yes (Maid). D aunties &brides mom were willing to call off d marriage bcos of 200k for perfume &d groom’s last cash was 50k. It was d bride’s dad that said if this opportunity is missed, she might not get another 1. D dowry was 250k &700k spent on lefe (boxes,clothes& cosmetics)”

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