Man buys sealed brand new phone, finds rubbish in phone pack

A young man is left in severe pain as he saves up to buy a brand new phone only to reach home to see a carton and a nylon of eggroll in it.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment a man’s joy was turned into sadness in a matter of seconds.

Man buys sealed brand new phone, finds rubbish in phone pack

After buying the phone from an unknown location, the individual suspected something fishy due to the lightness of the carton unlike when it was first received.

In the video, the brand-new phone’s seal was removed by the buyer but to his surprise, it was a black nylon and a brown carton folded inside.

Reactions trailing rubbish found in the pack of a brand new phone

Elle 04O reacted: “Firstly,y didn’t u open the phone at the slot before leaving there.secondly, how u knw U will meet something like that in it that u set a camera?”

Rosemary Steve said: “Why you no open am for the shop hold the phone before payment.”

Gbajumo56 commented: “Who else is thinking the phone will fall.”

Olukitiblojoojiwo also commented: “Tell me the reason why u dey do video wenu wnt to open it, na lie.”

Veranda: “Y una no Dey open am for their shop.”

IsrealLMS: “You go open am see everything o but dey go use one thing distract you an now switch it.”

Kelvine: “You go dey trust computer village boys.”

Promise53653: “Open whatever you want to buy, test it and put it in your pocket after payment No let them package am for you.”

IsrealLMSsounds: “After opening it you’ll see if and they will tell to wait let them package it for you, from there they’ll switch it.”

Watch the video below …


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